15+ Free Abobe Air Applications for Designers and Developers

Great Adobe AIR-based tools for web design and development!

15+ Free Abobe Air Applications for Designers and Developers | Admix Web:

Adobe AIR, which stands for Adobe Integrated Runtime, is a cross-functioning system runtime engine that allows web designers and web developers to create rich internet applications, and Adobe AIR is compatible with Windows, Macs and Linux. Adobe AIR is a very functional and useful system for web designers and web developers because it permits Flash, Flex, JavaScript, HTML and AJAX code to look like traditional desktop applications by running without the Web browser. Adobe has created an official Adobe AIR Marketplace which essesntially trys to show all of the Adobe AIR applications that exist. These applications range from tools useful for designers to developers to bloggers to the average person using the web. These are great tools and applications because they can make our lives as designer and developers easier, and best of all they are free. I have compliled a list of 15+ great Adobe AIR applications for you all to use. Remember, this list is not a best of or all inclusive, just ones that I have found to be helpful! Click on the images for links to the application. Enjoy!