A New Adventure

This weekend I finished and uploaded to the App Store a new version of an app I’ve been working on for the better part of this year. I uploaded version 1.0 in June and it took an extremely long time to get just one or two extra features into 1.1, and I was at long last able to get it submitted. With the average times for reviews being in the two-ish region, I’m hoping it will be up in the middle of this week.

But then there comes the next project.

This is one that I started in 2014, when I was desperate to get back into iOS development. I was stuck in a bizarre job situation in which the commute to my job was amazing – twenty minutes long through the rolling hills of Sonoma County! However, the work was clearly not in my primary domain (as far as iOS and mobile development was concerned), since it was doing Windows and a ton of SQL Server-related development. It was a pain that I could not deal with any longer.

During that rather painful time, an idea had germinated in my brain about a new app that I could develop. It is that same design that I came up with in 2014, which I have decided to reboot and develop in my off-time.

Who knows how long it will take. Perhaps I won’t be able to release it until 2017 or 2018, but it will give me the focus and drive for the Next Big Thing for myself and Interactive Logic.

In the meantime, if you need an app developed during the 9-5, please contact me or Cloud City Development, as we would be more than happy to make your app idea come alive much sooner than my humble side project!