Monitoring AVAudioRecorder Input on iOS

For a project I’m working on, I needed to know how to monitor the input level using AVAudioRecorder. Thankfully, this post from Dan Grigsby was very helpful in setting up the polling mechanism (though you might not guess it from the title!):

Tutorial: Detecting When A User Blows Into The Mic

If, a couple of years back, you’d told me that people would expect to be able to shake their phone or blow into the mic to make something happen I would have laughed. And here we are.

Detecting a shake gesture is straightforward, all the more so in 3.0 with the introduction of motion events.

Detecting when a user blows into the microphone is a bit more difficult. In this tutorial we’ll create a simple simple single-view app that writes a log message to the console when a user blows into the mic.

Thanks, Dan!