Swift Remote Studio: It’s official. Time to close up shop.

The following is the final Announcement that I posted in Swift Remote Studio today. I’m disappointed that I didn’t blog about it more here, nor did I podcast much about it. It was such an exciting project. Probably the most exciting one I’ve ever done on my own. But my lack of blogging and podcasting about it really is just because it kept me so busy that there was no time for any additional creative activities.

Here’s the announcement:

Hello Swift Remoters! 👋

It’s official.

Swift Remote Studio will be closing up shop, at least in its current incarnation, as of today. 😢

It really saddens me to have to take this step because I have poured so much time, money, and effort into building SRS. However, it just makes the most sense from a business standpoint, and it’s always good to pull the plug instead of keep on flogging a dead horse.

Existing Memberships
As I announced previously, I will be canceling all memberships in Stripe, so no one will get charged for memberships.

Next Steps
I’m going to stop the payments for Circle, so this community will probably just stop working on June 19th or 20th.

However, as I mentioned in the original announcement, I’ll be holding on to the domains, just in case I need them again. 😉

Also, there are a couple things that will stick around, because they’re free services used by SRS and it makes sense to just keep them going…

I will keep Remotion going as long as they let us. Currently it’s a free service anyway, so I have a feeling they won’t mind us continuing to use it. I hope to see you there.

Slack is also free, so it seems reasonable to just let it continue. If you are not on the Slack workspace and you want to join, [contact me] to sign up.

Many Thanks
I wanted to give a big thanks to everyone who supported Swift Remote Studio: the original beta testers and everyone who signed up—especially in that huge wave of signups after Dave Verwer sent out the mention on iOS Dev Weekly! What a crazy ride! 😄

But in the long run, we only had one person actually pay for the service, which is a pretty huge signal that there just isn’t Product Market Fit here.

I’ll keep thinking about what makes sense, and who knows, maybe Swift Remote Studio will return one day! 😃


Evan K. Stone
Fellow Swift Remoter

Work Together, Swiftly.