Unit Testing with Xcode Course from iDeveloperTV and Graham Lee [#iosdev #cocoadev #macdev #tdd]

In a much needed area of training for Xcode/Mac/iOS developers, iDeveloperTV and Graham Lee have put together a modestly-priced course on Unit Testing and TDD.

Unit Testing with Xcode

In this course Scotty and Graham Lee help you to not only understand the mechanics of unit testing in Xcode but also show you how you might design your code to be more testable. By working through a number of examples you will initially learn how to set up unit tests within Xcode 4 and perform basic unit testing before moving on to discover how you can test parts of your code that you previously might have thought were not possible to unit test such as code that uses singletons, networks, tableviews, user defaults and even core data. All the code we look at during the course in included so you can follow along and make sure you fully grasp and understand each aspect of what is being taught. The course ends with a general discussion of unit testing principles and examines how adopting a test driven approach to your development could end up saving you time and help you to produce more robust applications The course is suitable for both OS X and iOS developers